Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review


In today’s tech realm, it’s no longer enough to simply make a phone brands to have an entire ecosystem of their devices, seamlessly integrate with, and enhance each other’s effect. Huawei’s “accessory” devices, are of even greater interest to see what the Shenzhen-based company needs to give people more reasons to stick with their platform, as it is a viable alternative to Google’s suite, and to find alternative sources of revenue to make up for the decline in the overseas smartphone sales.

We now turn to the analysis of Huawei, are Looking for GT-2, first revealed back in late March, in addition to the Ascend P-40’s flagship family. It is a sportier and more affordable version of the Smartphone are Looking for GT-2, and so we do not have enough time with the handheld will tell you all about it.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2e specs,

  • The body: 46mm watchface, 53 x 46.8 x 10.8 mm, weight 43 g (without the strap), 5 ATM, water-resistant, Metal + Plastic material
  • View: 1.39″ color OLED display, Resolution 454×454, 326 pixels-per-inch
  • OS: Huawei Lite OS
  • History: With 2 gb of RAM + 4GB of storage (2.2 GB user available),
  • Battery life: 455mAh, 5W, charging through the appropriate magnetic base
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE; GPS+GLONASS; NFC (China-only).

Watch the GT 2nd is the same as that of the Watch, the GT-2 is on the inside. The outside is where the changes are, but we will also look at how to use the software in progress, since we have seen in the GT-2.


Is the Huawei Watch, GT 2nd-it comes in only one version of the 46 – and there’s no smaller version. It is a very, very big, small hands and wrists, but it was very comfortable and the metal bends at the top and the bottom, in addition to the rubber bands just add to the aesthetics, and it seems to be the same when using. Instead of using the buttons that appear on a rotating crowns, Huawei decided to go with the regular ones.

The top button will bring up the menu while the bottom one is programmable – we can make it for trail running because there’s a junkie in the office who would be willing to test it, or sports mode, it’s most of all. Its a standard 22mm rubber straps are easy to replacemable, but the black one we had had a nice black metal case.

The smartwatch is also available in White, Red and Green give it a little more flashiness to it, but in the end, even if it was a bit boring, and you can’t go wrong with the classic black look.

The Life Of The Battery

The Kirin A1, a SoC is specifically designed for communications – it will be seen in the Watch in the GT-2, and in Honor of MagicWatch 2 is a smartwatch with the same internals). The chipset is the responsibility of the support of all of the features without wasting your time to get a lot of power, so that the watch can go on for the next two weeks on a single charge.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review

The wide variety of different use cases that we tested, we were able to achieve the specified service life of the battery, and only once, as it Always has-On the display is turned off, and the heart rate sensor, it is set to Smart, while keeping the notifications and alerts are turned off. If you decide to use the Always-On-display, heart-rate keep track of is the Huawei ascend TruSleep function of the Automated Stress Test, and an alarm or two, then you can expect to receive six to seven days between charges.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review

Even more, In active use, and a 30-km walk with all the sensors turned on, took about half the battery life. That’s really impressive, considering the fact that the whole thing took more than 6 hours. The GPS did its job and provided real-time data. In comparison to a smartphone’s GPS, there was almost no difference in the recorded tracks.

The User Interface

Huawei’s user interface is everything you could want in a sporty smartwatch. Yes, it’s a little boring and devoid of features, and you may not be able to export your data. However, it has been designed to operate in the Smartphone ecosystem, and it does a great job when we tested it on a Huawei ascend smart-phone.

There are heart rate sensors, activity trackers, and an update is coming after the set up of the watch; – there is an SpO2 meters that will be calculated by dividing the oxygen carried in the blood in greater than 95% is good. The same sensors can also measure the VO2Max, where the higher values are, the better the ability of the lungs, and, therefore, better stamina and endurance.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review

Since the Watch is in GT and 2nd was made to be your helper and not the primary device, it does not have Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity. Bluetooth is the only way to deal with it, but you can also have a link to earphones for playing music that can be stored in the watch.

Huawei has not yet solved the problem of a lack of third-party app support. While Huawei says it is likely to be done in order to keep your data safe, we would really appreciate the option to use a different companion app.

Huawei Ascend Health

Since there is no support for third party sports-oriented software, and all you’re left with the Smartphone’s Health. The most important thing to know before you purchase this device, is that a Smartphone doesn’t mean that you can just download the app from Google Play or the App Store. In order to run properly, you must use Huawei’s own AppGallery for the updates and the installation of the HMS-Core, unless you are using a Smartphone device, where it is already pre-installed.

Pre-installation of Huawei mobile AppGallery on a not-for-Huawei-phone
Pre-installation of Huawei mobile AppGallery on a not-for-Huawei-phone
Pre-installation of Huawei mobile AppGallery on a not-for-Huawei-phone
Pre-installation of Huawei mobile AppGallery on a not-for-Huawei-phone

Pre-installation of Huawei mobile AppGallery on a not-for-Huawei-phone

If you don’t want to be downloading this stuff, you’re left with is a smartwatch that can be used to its full potential. Everything is stored in it goes through your memory, but since you can’t link to it from Garmin or Strava, you may not be able to export anything.

Huawei mobile-Health interface
Huawei mobile-Health interface
Huawei mobile-Health interface
Huawei mobile-Health interface

Huawei mobile Health interface

And this is not only for the Watch, GT 2nd – if you do not want to use the Smartphone Itself is portable, you will need to go through the whole ordeal, or is the app just won’t start.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review

Also, Ascend Health, a step tracker and can’t be turned off. You can hide it from the Android menu, but it will always count the steps on your phone. On the upside, if the Watch is for GT-2 (or any other Smartphone and portable) is attached to the platform is by means of an elaborate algorithm in order to get a more accurate step count.


Watch the GT 2nd is sure to be a smartwatch if you already have a Smartphone or a smartphone or, at least, is willing to give its ecosystem a chance. It’s a fast, beautiful, easy to use – it covers all the essential features.

The ecosystem is on the phone can be a bit difficult for a particular group of people, but with so many modern phones come with a 128GB (or more) of internal storage, this is much less of an issue.

Huawei are Looking for GT-2nd review

The first-time installation, it is difficult for a non-Huawei device, but as soon as the trial is over and you’ve spent a day or two with the watch, and the initial anxiety will be over and you’ll be happy you spent only $ 200 for this amazing Smartphone are Looking for GT-2nd.


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