How to use offline maps and directions on Google Maps


Google Maps is pretty much a necessity if you are traveling to a new place. However, most of the people are using the app to get directions, and services online. This means that if you were to, for whatever reason, manage to lose it to a mobile service, en-route, you can’t use the Cards more effectively. Read also – How to unlock the full Dolby Atmos Equalizer on the OnePlus 7, 7T, and 8 series smart phones

However, this does not have to be the case. Google Maps provides a neat little trick that allows you to be a part of the maps data offline and store it locally on their devices. Once the data has been stored offline, you don’t need the internet in order to access the Google Maps or directions to get from point A to point B, as long as both of these points, which are located in the area that you took off. Here’s how to be a part of the map offline on your phone. Also Read – Here’s how to make out with a link to the text on the page with the new Chrome extension

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Step 1This : Open Google Maps Also Read – WhatsApp messenger: how to set up two-step verification for more security

Google Maps will open with an active connection to the internet. In order to be a part of the map is off-line, you need to have internet connection to download the data. Trying to get a Wi-Fi connection, as the download may be large, depending on the area you have selected.

Step 2Go to the Offline Maps

Select your Google account profile picture in the upper right-hand corner of the main menu. Look for the “Offline Maps” section. If this is the first time that you have to download a map offline, and it’s the only option that is available in this area, you will be Selecting your own card. Just click on the download section of the Google Maps off-line.

Step 3Select the area that needs to be taken offline

As soon as you have Offline Maps, you will be shown a rectangle on the screen. Use two fingers to pinch zoom in and zoom out, and click to select an area in which you have to have the maps offline. Google Maps can take up quite a lot of the major parts of the cards, including a couple of all the cities in in download. For this reason, a good practice to follow is to have a little bit more than what you need, so you won’t be short of any information, later. Once you have the boundaries for, click on the ‘Download’.

Navigation and directions with Google Maps offline

Allow the download to complete, and you’ll be set. This map and all information available offline on your phone when you need it. The navigation is simple and easy. To Open the navigation of these areas, as you would normally on Google Maps if you are using a mobile connection.


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