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Huawei’s subbrand Honor, has been aggressively expanding into the world of accessories, following the ban, the United States had to find alternative sources of income to compensate for the decline in the seaborne phone for sale. The latest gadget to be announced, it was to the Honour of the Magic of Earplugs in the first place, known as the Honour of FlyPods 3 in China, as well as in some markets under the name of Huawei Freebuds 3i.

We had a Robin’s Egg Blue pair in the office, and I have a lot of time with them, so now we are ready to share our impressions.

The Honor of the Magic Earphones in Blue is sure to stand not only in contrast to the dozens of other pairs of TWS headphones, but they are also noticeable from miles away. It’s a huge Honor, a logo to further confusion.

In the case of the box, in the form of a pill, it is a bit more rectangular than the Galaxy Tops’ carry-on bag. There is a very strong magnets to ensure that the buttons are in the right place.

The one thing that can happen is that the asymmetric arrangement of the two plugs on the same day as the motion for each and every button on the thing to your ear, it is something else that requires a bit of training to adapt to it.

Honor, Magic, Earbuds-official shot in the classic-White
Honor, Magic, Earbuds-official shot in the classic-White
Honor, Magic, Earbuds-official shot in the classic-White
Honor, Magic, Earbuds-official shot in the classic-White

Honor of the Magic Earphones official, shot in classic White

The battery case has two LED lights, one in front and one on the inside, between the two plugs. There is also a USB-C port on the rear panel to charge the battery, and it can support speeds of up to 5W on the cable (in other words, a battery charger will do). Right next to the hotel there is a small button, which is used for the link – it will only be possible when the enclosure is opened, and, after three seconds, the Plugs will be magically: connect with a Huawei /Honor, or smartphone will be made available to the Bluetooth link with another device.

Honor of the Magic Earphones review

The design and the design only allows you to make the most of the most important thing, after all, is the audio. Honor, a 10-mm driver unit in each earpiece, for a brighter sound. The sound is well balanced across all the frequencies, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. The main problem is the bass is non-existent and at a high volume level, and even be formed by a specific track.

Thus, far from audiophile-friendly, the Magic of Earplugs, are more suitable for the average user to wants to get rid of the plant and the chains of the past. After all, it’s a problem with the bass and the overall sound is hardly important when you can listen to the podcasts or take calls or watch a video.

Honor of the Magic Earphones review

Another important example is the wireless earbuds will be the freedom of not pulling your phone out of your pocket. There is a touch sensor, two buttons, double-tap to start/pause the music, press and hold the noise-cancelling feature on or off. If you are on a call, it will automatically be turned on.

And here’s one other very important thing – the performance of a Magic Earphones during a call. They are equipped with two external microphones that are work with a third party, are placed on the inner side. In theory, they will have to figure out where the voice is coming from, and the filtering of background noise.

In practice, if they are not placed in the correct way, and the microphone captures the voices of the people and focuses on them, in the sense that it may not be the ideal companion for taking calls in crowded areas (not that there’s a lot of people right now). The elongated portion of the ears can also be a hindrance for the correct positioning of a given face masks.

Honor of the Magic Earphones review

Honour, says the Magic of ear Plugs that can take up to 3 hours on a single charge with the active noise cancelling, and a 30-minute walk away, if you want to disable the feature. This is a very accurate, to-the-minute, and Glory to advertise at 50% volume, the usage is 100%, so they really overdeliver. However, it is very rare that someone has the ears in the matter of three hours, unless you’re on a flight somewhere, and now that we know that it is not.

The charger has a 415 mAh battery, the Honor, and promises it can give you up to 14.5 hours of audio, which is a four-charges from 0% to 100% of the plugs.

Honor of the Magic Earphones review

The demand for a wireless pair of headphones continues to expand, and it is hardly a surprise, then, that the Eea also permits to the party of the very same brand, and left out the 3.5 mm audio jack is on the flag-ships of more than a year ago. If anything, this is TWS earbuds to last longer than expected.

The Honor of the Magic Earphones will be a lot of use cases well, they will get the job done, and they look great. Yes, the audio quality is poor – much more than a SoundSport Free of charge by Bose, or to the AirPods Pro can provide, but in Honor of clear goals, a lot of the more casual listeners.

Honor of the Magic Earphones review

The Magic of ear Plugs are a comfortable and is placed below the €100, – the official price is $ 99, but there are many offers in all the European markets that will be able to get that down to about €80, – and you may be able to get it for free if you purchase some smartphones and tablets.

Even if you are not the owner of the phone from Huawei, the Honor of the Magic Earphones continues to be a solid choice – that is, with the help of their TWS headset to listen to podcasts and watch videos on the go will be sure to find a great deal, and that’s before you factor in the rather impressive, stand-out design.

If you are more into the music, listening to music, and you’ve got a high-quality source that you would be able to look for a pair with superior audio quality, although there is little chance of finding a TWS pair, which is consistent with the description given in this class are absurdly low.


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