Here’s everything you need to know about the new K/D system


With the release of the PUBG Mobile Season 13, there is a significant and the expected updates that attracted the maximum attention. One of the most important aspects of the game are changing PUBG Mobile, Season 13 the new Kill vs Death ratio. The main reason for this change was the establishment of a stable equilibrium outcome to the game, and then enjoying the benefits of some of the players. Also Read PUBG Mobile phone: Here are some of the best weapons for a rush playstyle

The old K/D is of formula: Also Read PUBG Mobile phone, Here is the reason why you will not have to lose weight machines at the Miramar.

Rather, the ” Kill-Death-ratio in the PUBG Cell has been calculated on the basis of the number of kills a player has, the number of deaths. This has led to a lot of players to boost their Kill-Death ratio will be, simply by surviving to the end of it, with a minimum of kills. Also, Read the MPL was announced that India’s own PUBG Mobile, a rival game, a Rogue-Heist

Therefore, the Kill-Death ratio = Total number of Kills / Total number of Deaths.

The new C/D formula:

With the new Season’s 13, things have changed, as well as the K/D system is to be implemented. But now, with the new PUBG Mobile update, has brought out a new feature, the ” Kill-Death-ratio, which is calculated based on the number of kills in each game, regardless of whether or not the player can survive till the end or not.

For example, if you have a K/D ratio of 8, and you will be the winner of a match with 5 kills. In this case, you have a K/D ratio will be reduced if you have less kill in comparison to the current K/D is the maintenance of a ratio of 8, you need 8 kills or more. So now the formula is this:

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Games Played)

5 tips to keep in mind in order to increase your PUBG Cell K/D ratio

1. Change your landing strategy, With the implementation of the new K/D ratio, it is advisable to go for a popular, hot-drop-of locations, such as Pochinki. These locations will have an increase in the number of teams is expected to land an internship with a greater chance of a kill, you can be safe and secure. Rack up your kill count in game, and fill up your inventory with a large amount of money, which will help you later on in the game

2. I go for the attack instead of hiding out: This is a very important tactic for the players that used to have to hide out to the ground, a chicken dinner, instead of having to go in for the kill. Players need to plan attacks and to pick fights more often, in order to get a good K/D ratio and a better gameplay experience, leading to a significant increase in the skills they have acquired.

3. The maximum of gun-power, Instead of focusing your energy on securing the best of the best snipers, go for the assault rifles in the place. These weapons do have a higher gun power, and it will help you achieve the maximum kill. The best guns to get a great K/D ratio would have to be M416, M762 and the UMP45.

4. As the game progresses, a range — it’s your new best friends For that long distance shot, your exposure is as important as your rifle. In order to land a kill from a distance, the accuracy required, as well as a steady purpose, that is, it is only possible to be a good sniper to have a better range.

5. The head of the Head Of the professional and amateur players from our pros, it’s embedded in our minds, that it is the best and easiest way to kill them is a great and accurate shot from the head of his opponent. Please make sure that this has been done, and has the highest K/D ratio is for you!

These tips and tricks and a basic understanding of the new K/D ratio, it will help the players to dominate this new feature of the Season’s 13. Don’t forget the option to shoot or to survive, and now the players will need to shoot in order to be saved.


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