Here’s everything you need to know about the new Gun Game mode


The devs of the PUBG Mobile has announced a new event called ” Gun Games.” Located in a new folder called Library in the new PUBG in Mobile mode is only available on the weekends. What this means is that it is only available from Friday to Sunday. Here’s everything you need to know avout this new mode and what it is to be available for gaming in the weekends. Also Read PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 card will finally be available in the beta version

PUBG, Mobile: Zombie Game mode details

A new map, with a new Team and Gun, the Game will be available on the Library card. It is based on a new concept, in which two teams battle it out in a 4 x 4 square card. For the first time, a two-card PUBG, MobileLibrary has a symmetrical lay-out. It has three game types: left, right, and center. The one-of-a-kind places on the platform, in the doorways, or from behind a bookshelf. This provides competitors with advantages in the ability to manage strategically. That is, they have a chance to get some interesting kills, even if they can fight it out with weaker weapons, as the game goes on. Also Read PUBG, and Mobile Call of Duty game, Mobile could be banned in the US soon

The task at hand, The primary goal of the Team is Gun Game, a player has to have a secure and safe 18 kills. However, the catch here is that with each kill a player gets, their connection changes to the testing of a wide variety of skills and weapons. The last weapon is a frying pan, and the first player to secure a kill with the help of a frying pan to cook his chicken for dinner! Also Read PUBG Mobile will support 90fps gameplay on the OnePlus phone

No Gun selection, With each and every kill a player gets, and the gun changes in real time. Players will not be in the choice of their weapons. Each and every player has to go through the same chain-of-arms, as they can kill other players with a total of 18 different types of weapons. Players will start off with a basic SMG guns such as the UMP45, Vector, Thompson, or Uzi, and the progress made in the use of a wide range of weapons, from sniper rifles to pistols and crossbows, up to the final pot. This is a game that requires a mastery on all the fronts.

Tips and Tricks:

Players will need to make sure that they are practical and have a basic expertise in the use of all types of weapons. In a traditional game scenario, the players could never use a gun or a cross bow due to the availability of more powerful weapons. Therefore, a basic understanding of the use of various weapons is an essential

Because it is a fast-paced game, players will have to find a good place to shoot from, and that they are comfortable with, and will give them a competitive advantage, but in the spring on the adversaries, for example, to take advantage of the secret passage and hide behind the bookcase.

During the approach, the areas that are ‘protected’ by more than 2 or 3 enemies, such as the platform, make sure that you and your whole team will work together to ensure that you will be able to provide each other cover to prevent surprise attacks by enemies. Team mates can not only watch your back and cover your flanks, but it is working with allies to eliminate the angles that the enemy might peek out from behind cover.

Try to remain behind cover and observe, as the enemies approach, and to shoot them at a convenient angle. But don’t forget to change the cover, because as soon as an enemy dies, they have to know where you are.

If this sounds exciting to you, then make sure that you make the most of the a Team Gun Game, as soon as it is activated, because don’t forget that it’s only for the weekend.


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