Gun Media Releases Statement about the Recent ” Friday the 13th: The Game Server problem


Back in 2018, and the complex legal issues that are still plaguing the whole of the On Friday the 13th franchise, claimed to be the Gun of Media Friday the 13th: The … as a victim, and to ensure that any new content will most likely never be added to the game. However, while the developers will be able to at this time isn’t anything new to add to it, they are still fixing bugs and maintaining the play of the game.

On that note, a lot of players have been experiencing server problems in the last few weeks, and give the Media a statement this weekend, will let you know exactly what’s going on.

Unfortunately, hackers are aiming to Camp Crystal Lake.

“From the first day of the month of July and will continue over the last few days, there have been attempts to hack in Friday the 13th: The … influence of marriage, in the style of the player and the progression of the” Gun Media announced in a press release. “We are in the process of conducting our own in-house research and the services of a third party international, a computer forensics company. We are working with our partners towards the prevention of further disturbances. These efforts and the damage done to our player base, to form a crime has been committed.

So, in addition to our other efforts, mentioned above, will also be in full, together with any subsequent law enforcement investigations. We have not detected any loss of, or unauthorized access to, any personal or financial information players. Due to the criminal nature of the crime and the investigation as to the origin of it, we are not currently in a position to share additional information.”


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