GTA 5 is free on the Epic Games Store


Game developer Epic Games has just released a very important announcement for all the PC gamers out there. The developer has teamed up with the game’s publisher, Rockstar Games, offer popular, title GTA 5 for free. Interested fans can purchase the game for free and play it on their Windows-powered machine. However, it is worth noting that this offer is only available on the Epic Games Store. Besides this, the offer is only valid for a week, until the 21st of May. Let’s check out the detail on this is impressive, then GTA 5 is going to be on the Epic Games Store here. You can also read A GTA 5 Easter Egg has appeared in an episode of ‘ Better Call Saul

GTA 5 is now available free of charge; for details, see

The official announcement on GTA 5 the Premium Edition will be available a few hours after the Flash Games on the Store’s Twitter account accidentally posted the information online. The game is available now as a part of the weekly free game at the store. The Premium Edition gives players a bonus of $1,000,000 in GTA Online, as part of a Criminal Enterprise out of the Starter Pack. However, it is likely that you may not be able to play the game for free immediately. This is because it seems like the interest in this deal seems to be overwhelming in the Epic Games Store to communicate with each other. The company confirmed this in a tweet, stating that it is “currently in a” high traffic”. This movement is likely to result in slow loading times for the 500 errors, or a full-blown crash. Epic Games asked the interested players to exercise patience as the work is to be determined is the problem. Also Read: – New grand theft auto Games are notice to be teasing GTA 6

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A lot of traffic, and the store’s crash is not really a big deal to me. This is because this deal is available to you for a week, plenty of chances to make the purchase. As part of the deal, which is interested gamers will be able to play and keep their purchases out of the program. This offer is good for, in essence, it is a legitimate purchase of money. Also Read Here, and if we could actually GTA 6, according to an ex-Rockstar employee

The interesting thing about it is the interruption of the service, and the high traffic can also be affected Fortnite on different platforms. If you want to get out of the game, to sign up for one of the Epic Games, account download the Epic Games for a long time. It is also worth noting that you will need to have 2FA (2 factor authentication) be able to buy in the store. Outside of GTA 5, The Epic Games Store will continue to offer a free game each week, make the effort well worth it.


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