GSMArena labs: 3-D models that let you examine the phone, as never before, thanks to the Binkies in 3D


To help you select the perfect phone is what we strive to do here at GSMArena. And despite the fact that the convergence is brought to us by the touch of the world, it’s still a big part of that.

There are so many features that it is difficult to convey through a static image and video. What is curved screen? The back to back? How much is the camera bump? How are the buttons? And so on and so forth.

In the past, you could walk into a store and examine it from the phone itself. Today is the day, this is not always possible, in advance of the pandemic, many of the shops had made a transition from the in-store and online. It is also very common to see online-only launches these days, so it’s a personal, hands-on, it is not always the case.

We have been in the creation and publishing of 360° spins, for years now, and they are taken by the real phone, on a rotating platform, and take lots of pictures, put them into a widget that can be turned around. However, only a single axis, due to the practical limitations of shooting on a real phone. So, here’s what Hollywood did with the practical effects, it was too much hassle, we made use of the CGI.

Here you can see the 3D screen in action. If you are on a mobile phone (or any touch-enabled device), you can rotate your phone by using your finger and pinch to zoom to get a better look. On the desktop, use the mouse wheel will zoom in and out). There is also a Full Screen button in the bottom right hand side of the have a closer look.


Amber Dawn

The Breathing Rate Of The Crystal


Pearl White

Misty Lavender

It’s Great To Be Blue

It’s a browser-friendly phones will be made by the Binkies 3D. The company is working with major carriers all over the world, independent retailers and even the manufacturers (Huawei, Sony, and Samsung were on the list). And now, with the us as well.

There are a variety of colors, you can view it, just tap on the buttons at the bottom of the phone. Binkies, take care to be accurate, the device layer of paint, which can be very large in the case of the gradients, and the special treatment of the glass back to create appealing optical effects.

This is where we have the old 360° view of the widget that you’ve probably seen many times before, if you read some of our reviews:

While the 3D models are not available for all phones, more and more models will be added as well. When a 3D model is not available, but we’ll have to have one of these classic symbols, you will see that it is in place.

Let us know what you think of these designs in the comments, and be sure to report any problems that you may encounter.


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