Grimes Shares a Sweet Video Of Elon Musk With a new-born Baby, X-AE, (A-12


Grimes posted a sweet video of Elon Musk, who with their new-born baby is the son of the X-AE, (A-12) and the other day, and the first thing we hit. As many of you will have a hard time pronouncing the baby’s name, and they are still going to enjoy the small moments and that, Grimes, is sharing it with her fans around the world. She posted the touching video on her Instagram of stories, and it has since gone away. In this video, Elon, and was resting with his little son on his chest, as he patted the baby’s back. Elon has a lot of experience with babies, and it was clear that he did not know how to comfort and bond with his son.

The baby wasn’t wearing any clothes, but snuggled up against his father’s chest, and he fell asleep peacefully. At this point, there has been a lot of controversy around the baby X – – – AE A-12, and it is possible they will be required, by law, to change it to something else. It is unlikely that they will get it, along with the California law that says the names must consist of letters in the English language, and the number 12 is not going to be in order to be eligible.

It is not clear whether the pair would go down to the 12 in the event that it is required by law to change the name.

Elon Musk appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast where he was asked to pronounce the name. Elon is never actually uttered the name, as he has explained to you what each letter sounds like. A lot of people are just so confused about how to pronounce the X, AE, A-12.

Speaking to Joe Rogan, Elon said the following in regards to the baby as ‘Musk’ s the name.

“First of all, my partner is the one who is, in most cases, actually came up with the name. I mean, it’s just an X, the letter ‘x’. And then the A# is, as, to be pronounced as “Ash”…yes…and that’s with the A-12 has been my work.”

You can see the video that Grimes is shared, with Elon, and baby-X-AE: A12, below.

Here’s a sweet photo, of Elon, and his newborn son, is taken as the X-AE, (A-12), was born.

What do you think of the pictures and the video? You can say that the X-AE, (A-12?


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