Google’s Smart Home Summit on the 8th of July, it is perfect for the announcement of the new Android TV, Chromecast


Other upcoming Google product that isn’t Pixel-for-Pixel 4 has been leaking a lot lately, and this is coming to Android TV-powered with new Chromecast dongle, using the code name, Sabrina. Unlike In the past, Chromecasts, and it will run on Android TV, so that OS is full of interface.

Not only that, but it does come with a smart remote control with the Google Assistant, which brings us to the fact that the search engine giant has been keeping a The Smart Home Is The Top online on the 8th of July.

The company has not explicitly stated that it will reveal new hardware on that occasion, but it would be weird if this was just a coincidence. The new Chromecast as is priced to sell, this would be a success, how could it basically turns any TV in to a smart and,, Google more data on your usage of course). The remote control is the complete Android TV’s UI will help with the power.

In addition to this, the company could also to unveil a new look Home page, a smart speaker, which will most likely be branded Litter in the House. It fits with the smart home theme more. For the Pixel to be 4, who knows, if the device is finally official.

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