Google’s Pixel is 4-for-review


The Pixel 4 will be available soon for Google to announce that, for the Pixel, (5), and a 5G version of the Pixel 4a. We don’t know the prices for these two phones yet, but we do know that they will be more than the cost of the Pixel to be 4, which starts at $350, and it offers a bunch of storage, lots of RAM memory, and solid-Google-Pixel-fied, software updates directly from Google.

Pixel-for-Pixel 4, it is not drastically different from the 3-a was released more than a year ago. The 4 is updated to the silicon, more of the space on the screen and a slight bump in the battery capacity. With Pixel-for-Pixel 4, as Google is no longer including the Active-Edge hardware into the frame, so that you will not be able to squeeze it in order to talk with the Google Assistant will not be more. With a flick of the corner, it will perform the same action, but we can’t help but miss it… just a little bit.

Google's Pixel is 4-For-Review

Even though the camera hardware is pretty much identical to 3 (a), and the main camera will have a slightly brighter f/1.7 lens (versus f/1.8 on the 3 a’s). We expect to see a bump in performance with the extra RAM, and a Snapdragon 730 chipset, but we expect to see a similar performance from the camera. Perhaps we’ll see a slight improvement with the new software for the processing of the additional camera features such as Live HDR,+ reviews.

Google's Pixel is 4-For-Review

Pixel-for-Pixel 4, it feels light and well balanced in the hand. The size is petite compared to what we’re used to seeing, even on a sub-$300 smartphones and tablets. The white-accented on / off button is a nice touch to the “Black” model, and even though we are starting to see mid-range smartphones to fall off the jack for the headphones, and the Pixel is 4, which retains the.

Google's Pixel is 4-For-Review

We expect the total experience to be identical with Pixel-for-Pixel 3a and a XL last year, and that we have evaluated as good, and it’s an easy recommend. With a lower price, and expanded front panel display and added storage, because you might be just as easy to do. As we dive into the full review, please let us know what you need to know about the Pixel 4 a.


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