Google’s Doodle celebrating India’s musical heritage, on the Day of the Independence


Google commemorates India’s 74th Independence Day with a Doodle celebrating India’s vast and diverse musical culture. On this day in 1946, India became an Independent sovereign nation for more than 100 years of British rule. The illustration is the work of Mumbai based artist, Sachin Ghanekar, and features a number of iconic Indian folk music instruments. Also Read – OnePlus, LG reportedly been blocked by Google to pre-load Fortnite launcher on their phones

Use the tools in the Google Doodle, the tutari, dhul, veena, and the bansuri. Also shown are the multi-faceted, double-reeded shehnai and the resonating strings and sarangi. These tools are all but a few of this diverse country in a 6000-year-old musical legacy. According To Google“The musical diversity represented by this unique collection, which reflects the fragmentation of the Native american culture that is celebrated across the country today.” Also Read: Google India-COVID-19 website to be aware of online scams and security threats

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Share what Independence Day means to him, Sachin Ghanekar, declared, “Independence Day”, it is a matter of pride for every citizen and for me as an artist, it means the freedom to express your ideas, opinions, thoughts, and opinions. I have lost my freedom for all the people who have dreams and fight for them.” He also shared his inspiration behind the Doodle. He said: “On a philosophical level, my inspiration was the great diversity of this country. This rich cultural fabric carefully woven together that amazes me. For the implementation of the Bomb, and I’ve had the experience of several musical instruments, drawing inspiration from various Indian art forms like Kalamkari, Madhubani, Warli, Gond, Phad and Pichwai in order for this idea to life.” Also Read – COVID-19: Google India has launched new features to help you find food and a place to stay

This Past Independence Day Photos

By 2018, Google’s revealed a landscape of India’s flora and fauna in a style inspired by India’s ever-popular truck art. The 2017 Doodle, the use of paper-cut art style to depict the Parliament House. Also showed them the Peacock, the national bird of India. 2015 Doodle depicted the famous Dandi Salt March in 1930, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.


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