Google’s CEO, has been open to working with Apple on other projects as well


Google and Apple have recently teamed up to support the development of the Contact, notifications, API,. This API would allow developers to create the contact tracking application to help slow down the spread of the corona virus. The project was started in March, engineers from the two companies. Also Read – Gmail-Messages end-to-end encryption for the RCS posts coming soon

With this announcement, it was entirely unlikely, as both companies tend to consider themselves rivals, in a lot of their activities. Having said that, with the co-operation between the two companies have been pretty good since, in an interview with the FIXEDGoogle’s CEO Sundar Pichai was hard to get used to the idea of co-operation with Apple on future projects. Also Read: Google launches new, Action-Blocks the app is to help people with cognitive problems

Google and Apple’s collaboration

When Pichai was asked if this was a one-off collaboration. The CEO responded by saying, “the Great companies who work together in order for the company to submit its really good for the world. I am open to working with Apple to find out other things, and I had the same feeling as Tim’s about this.” Also Read – Google-Pixel-4 launch has been postponed to the 13th of July, however, the device is ready to

Pichai also shared how the process began, Both teams, independently, and had to go to work on the technology to support the health agencies in their relationship with the keeping up with the work. Both sides soon realized that this was a good time, but it is available in all areas. So, for the Android and iOS engineering teams, started out as a matter of course. At one point, Tim and I decided to do the exchange notes, and the right to speak”.

In addition, one of the main reasons that the two companies are connected is because there is currently very little cooperation between the systems of both manufacturers. If multiple applications were to be used, it would reduce the effectiveness greatly.

Both Apple and Google, say, privacy, and transparency are of the utmost importance to public health efforts such as this. They are very open to the development of a system that does not compromise privacy in any way. It is great news that two major companies have worked together to do something good for the community.


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