Google’s activities in the Pixel 3, and Pixel, 3-XL)


Google is discontinuing the sale from the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3 (XL). The company has disclosed this information in a statement of Android Police.

The statement said that the company has been selling through the inventory, and completed sales of the two devices, on its online store. The phones are now available at retailers until supplies last.

On-the-online-store Pixel-for-Pixel 3 is disclosed as a In Stock but the page is still accessible, in contrast to the earlier Pixel of the 3-series machines, which have been removed.

The Pixel’s 3-series was launched in May of last year, to critical and consumer acclaim. Users have praised the performance of the camera, along with the general usability, all at an affordable price. The Pixel 3 (a) and gave the other a mid-range Android offerings a run for their money, thanks to its superior camera quality, no-nonsense style, functionality, and fast updates from Google.

Pixel-for-Pixel 4, it was intended as a successor to the legacy of that offer a great camera experience at an affordable price. However, Google has delayed the launch of the device, and we have a new date.

The abandonment of the Pixel 3 (a) as a hint in the direction of the Pixel to be 4’s launch is imminent, but we would have to wait for an official word.



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