Google will Meet up in India to support the noise-cancelling feature


Google, of the needs of the users in India will have a new feature this week. The most widely used video conferencing platform, now supports the noise cancellation feature in the country. With the help of this feature, people will be able to reduce background noise, while attending to a video or audio calls to Google’s Requirements. Also Read: Google Chrome for Android finally gets 64-bit support

The feature, which made its global debut in march, and now users in India can enjoy the full benefits. It is working on how to Meet the web-based version for now, mobile users will be getting it very soon. Google it says that the noise reduction feature it is rolling out in Australia, Brazil, india, Japan, and India in the next couple of weeks. You can turn it on by heading to Settings, then to Audio at Google, and turn off the noise reduction. Also Read: Google launches the SmartReply feature for YouTube in the Studio; it makes replying to comments easier

Popular video conferencing platform to support the function of the Zoom lens. With the Zoom, the noise reduction function works when the users don’t have to speak, how to cancel unnecessary noise. However, the Requirements of the function, regardless of whether or not you are talking to them or not. So, if you are on a call, the sound of a barking dog, or even your life, on your keyboard, or it may be cancelled. Also, Read the Google Pixel 3 a and Pixel 3 (XL) from discontinued

The noise reduction is mostly associated with a pair of headphones or other audio devices. And the video-call is now the preferred mode of communication, and the changes are more than welcome.

Google Meet free of charge for everyone

Google has announced that its premium, group video calling app in the Google Meeting is free of charge for everyone. The platform currently hosts some 3 billion minutes of video, conferencing, and has been adding 3 million new users every single day. The firm rolled out the to the free of cost from the Measure of app, around the world, including India. And, if you’re using Gmail or Google Calendar, you’ll be able to start or become a member of it as well.

In addition to this, since the beginning of the month of may to anyone with an e-mail address to be able to sign up for the Meet, and to enjoy many of the same features that are available for both corporate and education users. A list of some of the features of the plan and the parts of the screen, in real-time, text and layout to suit your preference, including the extended tiles view, and then Google, in its blog post.


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