Google will keep the phones with 2GB RAM with full Android 11


Google has already opened up for beta testing on Android for 11, and now a leaked copy of the Configuration of the Device, the Guide has revealed an interesting detail. All the future devices that run on the OS, it should have more than 2 GB of RAM that is 2 gigs or less, it should launch as a Android Go device.

On top of that, a phone with 512 MB of RAM is no longer eligible for the preloading of the SKIP, is effective in the sense that they have come to the end of their support.

The changes are expected to start by Q4 2020, when the OS will have public roles, and the updates will start pouring in from the Oem’s.


Phones that have been launched in the previous Android versions, with 2GB of RAM, are exempt from this requirement if they are to get the updates they stay on top of the entire Android branch, for the avoidance of doubt.

Android is generally referred to as a “lite” version of Google’s open-source OPERATING system, most of the native apps will come with a low carbon footprint-shaped with a smaller set of features, while still retaining the same functionality.

Of course, the change is aimed at ensuring that its phones, starting with a very small hardware with the correct and lightweight version of the platform, instead of offering a compromised experience.



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