Google will have to add a Sleep Habit, and Follow it Night and Notes in Digital well-being


Two years ago, Google introduced a solution to help you keep track of good digital hygiene, and is called the ” Digital well-being. Now it’s going to be a major update with some new features, according to an app teardown of the “beta” version of it.

Google will have to add a Sleep Habit, and Follow it Night and Notes in Digital well-being

The most notable new feature is probably the Sleep Habit, and Follow it. The name is pretty self-explanatory, and it uses the standard Google Clock app and the phone’s movement sensors in order to determine whether or not you are sleeping or not. It also tracks what apps you are using in the room.

Sleep, a Habit-Tracking
Sleep, a Habit-Tracking

Sleep, A Habit And Follow

It is to keep track of activity, Google will give you the opportunity to opt-out of the day to day use of the devices functionality. This is the feature that tracks your app usage, phone unlock, the total screen-on time, etc.).

To turn off usage tracking

To turn off usage information

A further feature is the Night Notes, but it is a bit of a strange one. You have to make notes to you when you are in bed, and in the event that you have any kind of experience. In the morning, when you wake up, that is, a Digital well-being, it will ask you if you would like to read your notes. The code in the teardown hints at the deeper level of integration with other unknown app. XDA-Developers speculation is that it is a new app that Google has not yet been released, but there you go.

Cross-Screen, with the Profile of Time Use is that it makes it possible for the Digital well-being is to work on your Job Profile.

The last but not the least, Google is planning to enable the sharing of data with third-party apps. We are hoping that Google will allow other apps to have access to the information, and not just the usual set of Google apps.



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