Google removes the Mitron app from the Play Store-Everything you need to know


Mitron app that was recently in the headlines for having a serious security vulnerability, has now been removed from the google Play Store. Google reportedly removed the app from the store due to a number of violations of the policy. It has been reported that the Mitron app is in violation of the company’s so-called “spam and with a minimum functionality of policy-making. In the event you don’t are aware of it, and recently it has gained in popularity and is one of the TikTok app.

As you search policy it says that copy content from other applications, without the addition of amendments, or of value. “We’re not going to allow apps that are just the same thing as the other apps on the Google Play. Apps need to provide value to the user by means of the creation of a unique, content, or services, the policy says. It is also noted that the app needs to have a basic level of functionality, and respect the user experience,” will be shown.

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Recently it was found that the Mitron app is not created by a IIT Roorkee graduate student, and is a rebranded version of the TicTic. The latter is said to be a Pakistani clone of the Bytedance the TikTok. By Irfan Sheikh, who is the founder and chief executive of the TicTic of the developer Qboxus the Mitron app was purchased TicTic is the source code for as low as $34 (approximately Rs 2,600).

In an interview with the News18Sheikh said in a statement: “We expect our customers to use our code and build something on their own. But, Mitron, the developer has made to our exact product, you have changed the logo, and uploaded it to their shop. He said, ” We don’t have a problem with what the developer has done so far. They are paying for, and make use of the script, and it’s okay to do so. But the problem is that people are calling it a ” Made-in-India app, it’s not true. Especially if they have not made any changes in the market.”


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