Google Play Music is replaced by YouTube Music


Google has confirmed that it will close its music streaming service, Google Play Music will be available later this year. The company has decided to opt in for the YouTube’s music streaming platform is the place. Google has taken to ensure that the information provided to the users of streaming platforms for a long time, before they lose access to Google Play Music ‘ later this year, so that the fastening of the lock. Also, have Read that Google have been spotted in testing iMessage-such as the emoji of responses for the RCS-enabled the Messages app

As reported by Google, in a statement, the users of YouTube Music and Google Play Music have access to both services for the time being. That’s why you have plenty of time to make the transfer of content to and get used to the new service. To ensure that the transition between the old and new architecture. YouTube to Music is a feature that enables the transfer of content from Google Play Music in just a few steps. Also Read: Google Chrome to create a tool to use to recommend videos to users

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Before going any further, it is important to note that, at the time of the transition from Playing Music to YouTube’s Music has not yet been launched in India at the time. This suggests that the function of the roll out of the waves, and it is likely to take some time to reach all of them. Also Read – Google-Pixel-4 launch has been postponed again, now expected in early June

How to transfer music from Google Play Music and YouTube Music

Transfer music from Google Play Music and YouTube Music, it will follow a series of steps. The first of them is to download YouTube Music app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once it’s installed, the users need to press the button in order to transfer the YouTube Music to the opening of the application.

Strangely, in the transfer process, and podcasts, so the move needs to be done in a different the website. However, the process is just as simple, with a single click, all of the subscriptions on the Google, the Podcast is a platform. In the process of moving all of the content of the Music to YouTube and the Music can take anywhere from a few seconds up to hours. This will depend on the amount of songs in your library. For the rest of their catalogue (and the 50 million songs, YouTube Music, users will be able to listen to all the ads, or go for a paid membership, which allows the background to listen to, download, and remove ads.


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