Google permits European users to see in google Play Store apps from other markets


Google has made an interesting decision this week. The search engine giant is allowing users in Europe to see the apps that are available in other countries as well. With this move, the people don’t have to rely on VPN or other services to unlock apps which are restricted in their geographic location. Also Read: Google India Internet giant to invest $10 billion in India to expand its presence

According to the report by XDA Developerssupport is available for those of you who have access to the Google Play Store via the mobile browser. Because of this decision, the people of Europe, to see that the books, movies, and apps that are available outside of the region. However, Google does have limits on their power, so they are still in the app. They still can’t download it from the app or the content is not available in the market. Also Read: Google teases the launch of a new Nest, the smart speaker on the 13th of July,

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To do so, go to the Google Play Store via the mobile browser in order to Log in to your account, you can change the settings. Now, you’ll notice that your apps and content from other regions to be displayed on the screen. In order for this to work, you need to select countries in Europe, including the united kingdom, for the time being. While the function is being rolled out, Google has not yet shared the details of this development, it is open to the public. It is worth noting that the data regulation policies in Europe, to have compelled Google to pay hefty fines and penalties for the various offences. So, this is Google’s way of showing their trust can be a factor in the European Union. Also, Read the 11, apps with the Joker and the malware removed from Google Play Store, Here’s what you need to do

Google to invest billions in India

The company also announced that it plans to invest $10 billion in the Indian market. These investments will amount to about Rs 75,000 Crore at the time of this writing. The amount that is likely to change depending on the exchange rate.

The investment will amount to as part of the ” new “Google India’s Digitalisation Fund”. Besides this, the notice is also to be noted that the company’s investment in the next five to seven years of age.


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