Google-Maps-updated UI for Android in-Car-on-a-smartphone –


To begin with, the Google Maps version is 10.45, with a slightly updated interface that is displayed when you run the app from the Android in-Car stand-alone application. The update will be a bit of a new look and feel with the custom buttons, and more transparent, signs, and menus.

As reported by the Android Policethe indications and signs during the navigation, and now have rounded edges and they take up less space, so you’ll still be able to see some of the card in the back. At the same time as the update to the landscape, the navigation is better. Directions to take, not the length of the screen, and the pop-up menu, the settings will no longer cover the entire screen.

Source: Android Police

Android in-Car and standalone app, it had to be phased out in favor of the in-car experience. Instead, the app will get caught up in the Play Store for everyone to download in order to experience Android in a Car without a compatible car head unit.



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