Google launches new Translation feature on the JioPhone


Google has released a new feature for the JioPhone, and the other KaiOS users. The company is now offering the Google Lens in order to help them to translate it by using Google’s Wizard. “Today, we are extending this opportunity to the millions of Google Assistant the user on the KaiOS of the devices in India, Google said. Reports claim the Jio has more than 100 million JioPhone users in the country. You can also read Google’s AirDrop-like feature is likely to launch on Android next month

JioPhone users just need to long-press the center button to activate the wizard, on the screen of the phone. Users can simply click the right soft-key is pressed once in the Assistant in order to gain access to and use of this feature,” the search giant adds. This function is available in English and several Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil. And it will have support for Kannada, and Gujarati. You can also read Reliance Jio’s JioMeet on Zoom, HD video conferencing, and the 100 people limit

Please note: the Android 11: you all-new

KaiOS is the next generation platform to support, to Translate it through the Google Lens function. Not too long back, Google has released support for the low-end of Android, Go for the operating system. And in addition to the JioPhone and JioPhone 2, here’s hoping that Nokia’s KaiOS-powered device with this new update. You can also read Reliance Jio to work with the NPCI to bring UPI, apps to Jio Phone-Report

As you may already know, Google has invested heavily in the KaiOS from last year, while Jio is the strategic partner for the eco-system. Because of this, the JioPhone it was one of the first Assistant, Maps and YouTube support. It is likely that, sooner rather than later, the KaiOS are gradually able to integrate the millions of Android-based apps.

KaiOS, and the MediaTek partnership for the indian market

Back in 2019, MediaTek, and KaiOS Technologies had come together to build a smart feature phones for emerging markets, including India. In a press release, MediaTek, and KaiOS, announced their collaboration to integrate the series with the MediaTek chip set to power 3G and 4G smart phone devices. As part of this collaboration, the KaiOS’s mobile operating system will be running on the 3G MT6572 platform, and the MT6731, which is a new platform, has announced that it can support dual 4G SIM cards, and mobile phones.


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