Google is the Stadiums, it offers PUBG, free, Star Wars, Madden, FIFA, soon to arrive


Google is expanding its game library, as of today, and provides PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battle for free. Google has also announced that it is going to be different games from the EA on the trading platform. PUBG is available free of charge to all of the football Stadiums of Pro members, as well as a new Cold Front season is over. While the Stadium free of charge, users will be able to purchase the game for $29.99 or bundled with the season pass for $39.99. Also Read: Google Stadium’s user base surges following the free 2-month offer, the mobile app crosses 1 million installs

PUBG it on Google to sports Stadiums, also comes with cross-play, so players will be able to play with other players from around the console. In addition, Google is also adding a feature to start a game by simply clicking on the link below. For example, Google, Stadiums Pro click on this link. and to start, PUBG, and immediately. Google has also announced that it is going to be for Star Wars to Jedi: the Cases For, Madden NFL, and FIFA, and Stadiums later this year. Also, Read Google’s Stadiums will be in a 5.1 surround-sound audio, and the on-screen keyboard on the web

The provision of the PUBG free of charge, and Google has recently started offering a free 2-month Stadium-game-streaming-service-a premium version of it to everyone, COVID-19. The company had already announced a two-month free Stadiums of Pro’s to anyone with a Gmail address or a new user. And for the existing Stadia to Pro users, they will be free of charge for the next two months. In addition, the company is able to three months of football Stadiums, Pro, YouTube to Premium members via e-mail.

Now, according to analytics firm The Sensor Tower (via – ReutersGoogle Stadium users to have increased after the free 2 month offer. Not only that, but Google is the Stadiums, the app has crossed the 1 million installs world wide, shows that, of the data. Before subscribing to the service requires the purchase of the $129 Google’s Stadiums was the Premiere Edition. This package is bundled with a Chromecast, Ultra, wireless in Stadiums the Controller, and a three-month Stadium Pro. Stadiums, Pro free, games, and video streams with a resolution up to 4K and 60 frames per second and with HDR lighting.


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