Google is reportedly ditching the Duo for the purpose of complying with


Google, the Duo is reportedly going to be offered to be very, very soon. The company will replace the Duo At all. This has been noted by 9to5Google, this week, this is the Duo’s team was also surprised by the decision. The report don’t give us a timeline for the transition, but expect changes in the near future. The Duo made its debut just a few years ago, in 2016. And while we still don’t know what the reason is behind this move. It is believed that Google intends to streamline its product line-up. Also Read: Google says the next Wear OS update of the smartwatch faster

In the encounter with a new stimulus, in order to compete with the Zoom-in, and Microsoft Teams in the market. As a result of the pandemic, video-conferencing tools have become popular, and we have brought In many changes in order to comply with the request. The hotel also provides free of charge access of the service, and for the millions of people who are available until the end of September and could be extended further. Also, Read Zoom, adds some new features to improve video and audio

By replacing the Duo with the Iphone, Google is integrating the functions of the former, such as end-to-end encryption. However, the biggest addition would be the ability to make video calls only through the mobile phone number of the person in question. Meeting was also integrated into Gmail for a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like Google + is to make all of the bets placed on a player in the market. I always preferred to hear the details about this development from Google, as to see if the lighting will be switched off on the Duo or not. Also read – How-to-remove-Google will Meet with the tab of the Gmail app on Android and iOS.

Google is Meet a given noise-canceling feature in India

The most widely used video conferencing platform, now supports the noise cancellation feature in the country. With the help of this feature, people will be able to reduce background noise, while attending to a video or audio calls to Google’s Requirements. The feature, which made its global debut in march, and now users in India can enjoy the full benefits. It is working on how to Meet the web-based version for now, mobile users will be getting it very soon.

You can turn it on by heading to Settings, then to Audio at Google, and turn off the noise reduction. To comply with the function, regardless of whether or not you are talking to them or not. So, if you are on a call, the sound of a barking dog, or even your life, on your keyboard, or it may be cancelled.


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