Google is expanding the menu in the Android-11


Some of the Android makers would be to expand the menu so that you can get started quickly with the tasks or the voice assistant in the position of the display is the power off, and restart buttons. Well, Google is now looking to add to your Android with the 11th version of the platform.

Here is what the menu looks like, according to the leaked documents, which are the mock-ups.

Mock-up of the new power-button menu in Android-11

Mock-up of the new power-button menu in Android-11

As you can see, it has all the standard buttons for the emergency call and power off, move all the way up to the top to make enough room for the intelligent home monitoring, and the value of the portfolio and your bank and loyalty cards.

The additional controls give you direct access to your home’s lighting, thermostat, cameras, and everything IoT related. You can use it with a single tap or a tap and hold will take you to the respective app, or to add additional options.

Right now, we don’t know for sure that the power-button menu, to customize the third-party apps, or a task, but we hope that we will know soon enough as the search engine giant is pushed back by the Android, the 11-Beta-Launch to re-Show it.



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