Google-delays-Android-11-Beta-releases-Developer-Preview 4 instead


Earlier today, the Android Developer the official YouTube channel revealed a short teaser video in which it announced a new launch date of June 1st for the official release of Android for 11. Normally, Google would be the release of the Android Beta as soon as Google I/O kicks off (which would have taken place on May, 12, 13, and 14), but the COVID-19 and forced the big event to be cancelled as a whole.

Google is going to be a kick-off virtual conference will start with a#, for Android 11: the Beta-Launch of the Show. The show will begin at 8 a.m. Pacific time (11 A.M. EDT) on June 1, and will hold talks on the issues that are expected for Google I/O.

For Android 11, you get three Developer Previews, and three of the Beta versions, but Google went ahead and released a fourth construction of the Sample, it was in the Beta and release schedule. Beta 1 is coming in June, with Beta 2 in July, and a Beta-3 in the month of August. The final version is expected to be somewhere, but it is not, after all MadebyGoogle the event, which is normally when Google announces the next Pixel of the device, some time in October.

The fourth Developer Preview of Android for 11, brings no new features since the Developer Preview 3 has been released less than two weeks ago. Instead, it will give the developers more time to get their apps ready for the Android the 11. The Developer Preview 4, it is an “incremental update of the stability and performance.

If the Pixel unit is running an earlier version of Android, For 11 Example, your device pulls up the latest build over-the-AIR. Otherwise, you will need the latest flash the image manually.

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