Google Chat is based on the RCS in Italy and Singapore.


Last year, Google made the final push to enable the RCS to mobile phones all over the world. After activation of the RCS in the US, the uk, Mexico, France, germany, and the use of Google’s own servers with the Android SMS app, with the rcs-based Chat service is now live for Android users in Italy and Australia.

Google Chat an RCS-based platform that could be the next generation of TEXT-messaging – to send a full-resolution videos and images (with a size limit of 100 kb), indicates that the recipient(s) is (are), and it supports read receipts, and even all over the world. However, there are many, many other instant-messaging apps to be available, the RCS is important, because it requires minimal setup, and works right out of the box.

In the 1st half of last year, AMERICAN airlines announced that they were working on a cross-carrier app that makes it possible for the RCS to be in the States, and we didn’t have to. It wasn’t long after the announcement that Google is soon followed by the national roll-out of the Chat system. The platform and began OUR nationwide roll-out back in November.

When you start to have a chat with one or more of the recipients is by using Google’s “Chat” is not enabled, you will see “Chat and message” into the input field. If the message is sent as a TEXT message, it will say “text message” instead.


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