Glory 9-for-review


Get the latest guest in our office and will be referred to as the Eea. 9A – an entry-level smartphone, which is available in Europe since the 23rd of June.

The box contains the phone, a 10W power brick and a cable ending in a micro – usb port – yes, unfortunately, it has been the Honor of 9A with the outdated standard.

The Honor 9, is provided with a Helio-P22 chipset coupled with 3 gb of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. However, it has been a long, long tray for two SIM cards and a microSD card on the left-hand side.

Glory 9-for-review

One of the most impressive features of the phone, it is in the paint, and this isn’t some kind of backhanded irony of all – the unit is a Phantom Blue in colour, and has a number of pixel-like pattern on the back, visible under direct light.

The Honor-9A also comes with a 5,000 mAh battery, which should make for a great power, the autonomy given to the humble chip.

Glory 9-for-review

The Honor 9, it is at the moment selling in some European countries, for $ 150, with discounts to get you to spend up to €129.90. We are now set up to find out if a deal is worth it – stay tuned for the full review.


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