Gemma Collins opens up on ‘heart wrenching’ a secret abortion at this moment


Gemma Collins opened up about her secret abortion on Loose Women (Picture: ITV)

Gemma Collins opened up about suffering a miscarriage during the lockout.

The Towie star – who has been in a rollercoaster relationship with James Argent – has appeared on Loose Women to discuss her battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and when she revealed her secret heartache.

Speaking of the panel, the 39-year-old began: “It’s not easy being pregnant, I had a miscarriage and it was really sad, during the lock-period.

With PCOS, I’ve suffered for the last 10 years. I’m starting to gain weight when I was 28 and my periods were all over the place.

“I have suffered miscarriages.’

After a series of technical problems to the GC is as follows: “Behind the smiles there is a lot of pain. I did go through a very sad miscarriage in a moment and because of the PCOS, I was thinking that I’d usually have a tough time.

“If you’re a sufferer of PCOS, it is something that can be done. I’ve actually got only 10 days, but I do remember thinking the month before, “My breasts seem to be really perky”.’

Gemma stopped the bleeding lasted for 10 days, and it was then that she realized that it wasn’t like a normal period but instead of this, a lot of weight.

They went down to 10 heavy-duty pads a day when she showed them to her sister and was then told by her doctor that she needed to go straight to the hospital.

“It was a very, very sad, but it makes me realize that the potential is there is a lot of it in the future.”

“I pray every night that everything is going to work for me,” she said, lifting the lid on her ‘dramatic life’.

‘To have an abortion, with someone you love, was very compelling.’

Loose Women is still on weekdays at 12.30 pm on ITV.


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