Fury Road is about One Iconic Character on the Cutting Room Floor.


Even after the critical and commercial success it received, it’s hard to believe that a film like ” Mad Max: Fury Road is actually a problem. The film walks a very delicate tightrope between over-the-top action blockbusters, and the post-apocalyptic melodrama. There were just so many bizarre elements to the story that would have been a tough sell to the studio. One such element was the Deaf Warrior, director George Miller has revealed in a recent interview with the New York Times, was almost cut due to Warner Bros. after the first test in the screening process.

The “Deaf Warrior has been tested to be really bad at it at first. We had a temp music, and when the Deaf Warrior and played it in the test screening, and it was the same riff, but it still is annoying. A few of the people in the studio said, ‘Oh, we’ll have to drop a Doof Warrior.’ And I said, “No, no, no, it’s way too early to think about that”

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The Deaf Warrior, which is played by the performance artist and musician iota of it, was a blind guitarist who was part of Immortan Joe’s army, who was in charge of playing a sick riff on his fire-belching guitar while hanging in the wild of the back of one of Immortan Joe’s war rigs. It’s probably the most metal character ever created for a movie, and he almost got cut because the melody of the song that they picked out for this guitar, as a placeholder, which was annoying.

Fortunately, George Miller sticks to his guns, and as soon as the actual Junkie XL’s score was added, and the sign was allowed to stay in the film, and right away a fan favorite, playing his fire-breathing guitar from the back of the war rig, while giving exactly zero fucks about the life-and-death battle for him between the Immortan Joe’s army of the Mad Max’s road crew.

The entire behind-the-scenes of ” Mad Max: Fury Road, it reads like a war journal, Miller’s singular vision that is often at odds with some of the cast and crew thought would be possible. Shooting in the desert for a couple of weeks, to shoot the impossible stunts for real rather than rely on CGI, and the miscommunication that plagued the various factions of the production team made the project a lot of the members are from the hardest job they’ve ever had.

However, as George Miller has proved his bravery by bringing the wild, dissonant, moving parts, in order to make the film, which has since been called by many critics the greatest action movie of the last few decades. The characters in the film were also the most iconic of favorites, up with Imperator Furiosa, in particular, played by Charlize Theron, who is widely regarded as the new gold standard in the kickass female lead character ‘ category.

As a follow up to the movie, with the return of Max Rockatansky has already been set, and frank Miller working on a prequel to the movie Enormously, which will look to its younger days. Let’s hope we get to see the likes of the Silly “Warrior” on the screen, in the movies, once again, the games are very badass tune, as in the war of rigs to go on the hunt. These quotes have come from The New York Times.

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