FTC, you can start a new antitrust investigation against Facebook


The us Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) is considering to bring in Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO) of the witnesses. It would have to be done in order to explore the potential for monopoly practices are a part of the social network. This news comes from the The Wall Street Journal. Also Read Facebook Messenger on mobile to get the screen sharing feature

The deposit is said to be a part of a year-long investigation by the agency. This allows you to determine whether or not the social media giant is in violation of anti-trust and competition laws and the establishment of a monopoly in practice, the cited source said, citing anonymous sources. Also Read – WhatsApp messenger: how to set auto reply to messages in the messaging app

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The united states FTC accused Facebook for a violation of the antitrust laws

By Day To Day Business, Facebook’s top executives have been preparing for such an event. Elected officials, in the matter of Facebook’s founder and chief executive officer, along with three other heads of the country’s largest tech companies. These included Sundar Pichai (the Alphabet), Google’s parent company), Tim Cook (Apple) and Jeff Bezos (of Amazon). You can also read that Google are in advanced talks with Jio Platforms, reported $4 billion in investment: Report

Facebook is in the eye of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Judicial Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, for the investigation of conduct that constitute a violation of the antitrust laws, and violations of the right to privacy for a number of years.

It all came around when it was found to be involved in a massive security breach, by means of the Cambridge Analytica. The same data was also apparently used for the presidential election, where, when He was declared the winner. Some reports indicate that Facebook and Google are running a monopolistic business practices. It is estimated that the two companies account for nearly 60 per cent of the Internet advertising market.

“We look forward to sharing our perspective on the subject matter of the meeting, together with the other leaders in the tech industry, and the participants in the hearing this month. While the evidence for the regulatory functions that our products provide consumers with a greater choice,” a Facebook spokesman told AFP. On this review, the COMMISSION did not acknowledge, in this context, – Reuters reports.


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