Former Batman George Clooney Is Trending in the Wake of DC FanDome


It always feels like a good day when George Clooney trends on Twitter! The actor known for Ocean’s Eleven, ER, and much more is currently a hot topic on the social media site, but people aren’t exactly sure why. However, we have some guesses. First of all, Variety reported today that Clooney just helped raise $7 million for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. We believe that news mixed with the fact that Batman has also been trending explains the surge in Clooney tweets. Clooney, of course, played the DC hero in Batman and Robin back in 1997. Since yesterday saw the first trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman and it was announced this week that former Batmen Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck would be reprising their DC roles in The Flash movie, that’s just the perfect storm (pun intended) the get Clooney trending.

While some people are tweeting about Clooney as Batman, others are just reminiscing about his television days or discussing some of his best movies. Here are some of the best tweets to hit Twitter today in honor of Oscar-winning star…

Bring Them All Back!




Enough Love to Go Around



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