For the First Time in 30 Years, Halloween Horror Nights has been Cancelled This Year


It should come as no surprise, but it’s depressing all the same. Today, We’ve learned that this is the year of the Halloween Horror Nightsso, well, expected at this point, it has been officially cancelled.

If Orlando Informer comments: this is the first time that, in the case of a 30-year-old history, it’s been called off, and the reason for the cancellation is, of course, is very clear. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, thousands and thousands of horror fans gather in enclosed spaces simply would not be safe at this time. This will include both Universal Orlando and Universal Hollywood special events.

Attend one of the Halloween Horror Nights is an annual tradition for the Bloody Disgusting team for a number of years, so we are obviously quite disappointed about this news. Once again, this is an announcement we have been waiting for, for the last couple of months now. And in the end, considering everything that’s going on right now, and it is not only the right call, but it is the *only* function call.



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