Following the Popular First Season of the Show, and is Expected to Come out with Season 2 Soon


For the first time, The Society has received positive reviews from both fans and critics alike. It has gained a lot of popularity ever since it started streaming. So it’s no surprise that Netflix’s been renewed for a second season.

With Netflix’s announcement about the renewal, and the fans are eagerly waiting to know more updates about the upcoming season.

Source: Netflix

In the previous issues of The Society.

For the first time, the mystery of a teen drama, and The Society of broadcast on May 10th, 2019 at the latest. The series revolves around a group of teenagers who are trapped in a mysterious place, in their community, with a different timeline.

The story begins when a group of local high school students to return early from a cancelled field trip. Soon after, they discover that not all of the population of the city is gone. A thick forest begins to engulf the town, forcing the outside world to be non-existent.

They will be able to make contact with each other through the use of mobile phones. They are, however, electronically cut off from the rest of the world.
The episode ends with a memorial plaque and a list of the missing teens’ names in the West of Paris.

What’s in store for season 2?

In the second season of The Society, the main character, Allie, and was able to find themselves in extreme danger.

Further, Him, She, and your alliance will probably fall apart. The trio had been in the first instance, work together to seize the authority, but do not trust each other, which can lead to their demise in Season 2.

The Cast and Release Date

For Fans of the series can expect to see some familiar faces in the upcoming season. This includes the likes of Kathryn Newton’s (Allie), Jacques Collimon (Will), Jack Mulhern (Grizz) and Toby Wallace (Campbell).

Netflix had previously announced that the production of The Society’s season, the two started out in 2019. In view of the circumstances, because of the global pandemic, and the fans can expect season 2 to be release by the end of the year.


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