Flipkart can re-apply to get a food retail business permit from the government


Flipkart, the demand for the retail sale of food products in India has been rejected by the government. The e-commerce giant filed an application to this almost a year ago, which has now been rejected, because the legislation in this area. Flipkart had reported that a new local entity, Flipkart Farmermart. With this, the brand wanted to be the source of the goods directly from the farmer, it is a guarantee of a certain level of income, and then sell it through their platform.

Following that, the company has applied for the necessary licences from the government. At that time, Flipkart is the chief executive officer of the Group, Kalyan Krishnamurthy said that the movement, it is very important for the improvement of the Indian agriculture and food processing industry in India. Now that the company has been given the red light is on, you can re-apply for the licence, according to a spokesman.

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“At Flipkart, we believe that technology-and innovation-driven market, it can be a significant value-add for our nation’s farmers and the food processing industry to bring the value-chain efficiency, and transparency. This will aid to boost the income of the farmers and the transformation of the Indian agriculture. “We have to evaluate the department’s response and plan to re-apply as we are looking to continue making a significant impact on small businesses, and communities in India,” the spokesperson said. This is a piece of information that comes from the APK.

What’s interesting is that Amazon had received the government’s nod for a $500-million investment proposal for the distribution of food in India by 2017. The supermarket segment represents a significant portion of the unorganized retail segment in the country. The estimates suggest that the market is valued at more than $200 billion in India. In the supermarket segment, has been witnessing a significant growth in the middle-of-the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have turned to e-commerce platforms, including Grofers, BigBasket, and in the Amazon, India, for their grocery purchases at the moment.

In addition to its rival, Amazon, recently, has entered the online food delivery market in India with the launch of the Amazon are Food for select pin codes in Bengaluru. “Our customers tell us that they wish to have prepared meals in the Amazon, in addition to shopping for all the supplies. This is of particular relevance in this period of time, if they are to continue to be safe at home. We also recognise that local businesses need all the help they can get,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

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