Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it’s still relevant today


Last week, we reminisced about the smallest of Android, and this week we will be looking at the iOS side of things. The original Apple iPhone, to SE if there was not the smallest iPhone ever, but it was the smallest in recent history – and, more importantly, the youngest of which is still up-to-date.

Apple has announced that any phone which is running iOS of 13, and now will be able to update to iOS 14, to the end of the year. This includes the DRIVER, who made his debut with iOS 9, but not for the older 5s, which it is based. Not bad for a phone that came out over four years (to March 2016).

The design actually dates back to 2010 and the iPhone 4, which we covered in a previous Flashback episode. An aluminum frame with a square off the sides, sandwiched in between two layers of glass. A few years later, the iPhone 5 was the screen size of the original 3.5” 4.0,” but the change is not much more to it than that.

When it came to the iPhone 6 in 2014, in which the base is the size of the screen is 4.7” and it is introduced in the Plus model with a 5.5” screen. Many immediately make the jump to the iPhone 6 Plus, and the fact that it had been waiting for years for Apple to bring them a little closer to the Android flagships in size. There are many others, however, hated the change and wanted to keep it, with the aid of a small cell phone.

Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it's still relevant today

This is the reason why the iPhone, the SE came as a surprise – to be released in the beginning of 2016, it is the body of 2013, is 5s, and the brain, and the 2015’s 6s. Apple and mixed and matched with other components, such as the use of the earlier Touch ID system, and the bypass of the Power of Touch (this was before the time of leaving the idea).

And it was relatively cheap – $400 for the version with 16 gb of storage. It was a great price for a phone with the Apple A9 chipset, which is the fastest mobile chipset in the present time, access to a thriving app eco-system, and it is a great camera to start with. Better still, by 2017, Apple has doubled the storage from 32 GB to 128 gb in size), and kept the prices the same.

This was the last iPhone with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The iPhone 7 is decreased, it is reported to free up some space to make room for the Taptic Engine. However, if you have the ownership of a holding, and a 7 in your hand and look at the difference in size, so you can really start with the question of explaining how there can be room for a 3.5 mm jack on the little SE, but a whole lot bigger, the phone is too small for one?

Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it's still relevant today

By the time that we have come to appreciate how great the iPhone is, the SE was for real. How much is the Android, from 2016 to 2020 and the version of the OS (Android-10)? How much of that cost, up to $400 on the new one?

This year, Apple introduced the successor to the SE. However, the new model is based on the iPhone 6 design and features a 4.7” screen, even with its thick panels and are smaller than most smart phones out there (including those of its peers, the iphone), but it is not as small as the original, it’s very smooth.

Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it's still relevant today

Once again, it starts at $400 and it comes with the fastest mobile chipset available today. We don’t have to be in the future in order to be able to tell you that it will take years for the software to support it.

That being said, the 2020 version, it feels more out of date than that of the original iPhone, to SE that it was in his day. With a 16:9 screen with a thick top and bottom plates (the bottom has a “knob”), and, in particular, the single camera on the back, just the feeling of the times, and it is no surprise that the iPhone 6 is to have a draft by June 2014.

Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it's still relevant today

The 12MP camera is in the original, the SE’s are very good for the day. The sensor may be old, but it’s a faster chipset and enabled new features such as Live Photos, the 5 and the 8 MP camera that doesn’t support it. Best of all, it is able to record 4K video, something that not even the iPhone 6 didn’t have the strength for it. Same thing for slow-motion videos are shot at 1080p and 120 fps.

Of the 1,624 mAh battery is very small, but with an Endurance rating of 73 hours, in our tests, the SE handled themselves with honor. The screen, small as it was, it was sharp, clean, and had a high contrast and highly accurate colour reproduction.

Flash: the iPhone, the SE was made to be a true mini flagship, and it's still relevant today

With the iPhone, the SE is not a poor phone, it was a small cell phone. The same can’t be said about most of the other little smart phones that are out there. Not that there is anything, it is that it is small – in the iPhone, the SE, with its 4.7” screen is as close as it gets. Even Sony abandoned the Compact phone and the Xperia is 5 is relatively large in comparison to the SE. It is not clear if Sony will release a Mark II model of fig.

Even if it was a 5s with the update of the internal components of the iPhone, the SE is unique. And, in spite of its age, it continues to be relevant. Maybe it is not like a phone that you want to use it today, even though some of them still do, and they refuse to give it up), but if you have something for other phones to strive for – it’s the small size that does not get in the way of the ultimate experience.


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