Facebook’s redesign is finally ready to roll out to everyone


The social media giant Facebook is finally rolling out its revamped site for all. This new design rolls up after a few months of testing and half a year after the initial announcement, press the F8 key to 2019. Take a look at the new design, we get a minimalist design with a cleaner design on the desktop site. The company said that the first test of the new design in October of last year. After the initial testing, Facebook rolled out their design for a very small number of users. It has also added a new design to a very large number of users at the end of March. Let’s check out the new Facebook design is here. Also Read – Facebook-server-side to change, put on Music, TikTok, and any other iOS this morning

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As part of the rollout of the new design, Facebook has shared a few tips on what you can do. The redesigned Facebook web site you will come up with a native dark mode, and faster load times. Moreover, it makes it easy for users to find one with larger text and a less cluttered look. The company has also ensured that the Videos, games, and groups will get priority in the new design. Besides this, Facebook has also improved the overall navigation of the site. The company has also issued a statement, as part of the the announcement. As part of the announcement, it should be noted that, with the redesign also came with it and realized that the desktop site, which had fallen behind.” Also Read – Facebook Explore app is free of charge to surf the web with data on a cell phone,

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During the design process, the company will be made “on-the-ground research, and a discussion of a better web surfing experience. Facebook claims that the new design of the website will be a “great foundation for the next decade”. There Is also a real-time preview, when a user creates a new user group, page, or an ad. In this example, it will allow users to get an idea on how their group or page will look like before you publish it. Also Read – Facebook’s Oculus for the development of smaller, lighter successor to the Quest for a VR headset

The company has also stated that it is actively seeking feedback from users. This will make it possible for the company to improve and refine the design as time goes on. The redesign brings the desktop to Facebook’s website in conjunction with a smartphone app-like experience.


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