Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing, video calls (iOS and Android)


Facebook has added yet another new feature of the Messenger in his quest to create the app for the Zoom, for most people, so to speak. We’re talking, of course, on the screen, to share with you.

It is currently in the process of going live, the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android, allowing you to instantly share your screen with friends and family, whether it is a one-to-one and group video calls. This will work on the group video calls with up to eight people, and 16 people in the Room, because it is confusing, you can make a video call on Messenger, either directly by way of a group as one.

The parts of the screen, you will get one of the others is a live view of what you’re doing on your phone, so you will be able to share just about anything. Facebook says the point is to help you, you can stay in touch and connect with your friends and family, even when you are physically apart from each other.

Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing, video calls (iOS and Android)

The parts of the screen, and is also available in the Messenger of the Rooms, with a maximum of 16 people on the web and the desktop. The company also has plans to take over the controls for that are can share their screen in the Room, and with the increase in the number of people you can share your screen with up to 50. So, if you are in a Room, the creator, and you’ll soon be in a position to reduce the possibility of screen sharing, in order to be yourself, or make it available to all the participants.



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