Facebook in order to verify that the viral messages coming from people or not


Facebook is going to have to start checking the ones that have a longer range. The social networking platform wants to be sure of a high-reach posts are coming from people and not from bots). Facebook said the checking of the identity of those whose posts start to rapidly go viral, in the united states. This is going to be done in order to verify the genuity of the people behind the posts is well known to all of you on the platform. Also Read – Instagram get Facebook Messenger to Rooms, you can video chat with up to 50 people

It is a platform used for sharing objectionable content, without taking any action against them. The identification of the account, it will help Facebook to capture the perpetrators. The company is going to reach the limit of accounts that can’t be verified. “If a person chooses not to have their own identity and to verify that the ID does not correspond to the linked Facebook account, and the distribution of their viral post and will continue to be reduced, so that less and less people are going to see it,” Facebook explains. Also Read – Facebook allows their users to lock a profile in India

This decision is tougher for those pages. Facebook says page admins will not be able to post anything before they are checked in. It is said that all the registered Ids have to be protected and will not be shared due to the person’s profile. Also Read – Facebook Stores allow small businesses to list products across a variety of applications

A new safety feature in India

Facebook users in India now have a new privacy feature to help them in their lock to the profile. This will ensure that any person who is trying to get you to look at your pictures or profile pictures, it is not in a position to see them. The company has the option to have to think about is the safety and security of women on the platform, but also for the male users on Facebook you can lock down their profile if they want to. Its function is to roll-out to users in India over the next few weeks.

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As soon as the person is it possible to change the profile of the latch, the other person will only be able to see the picture. They will not be able to increase the size of the image, or something else.


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