Facebook allows users to lock their profiles in India


Facebook users in India now have a new privacy feature to help them in their lock to the profile. This will ensure that any person who is trying to get you to look at your pictures or profile pictures, it is not in a position to see them. Also Read – Facebook Stores allow small businesses to list products across a variety of applications

The company has the option to have to think about is the safety and security of women on the platform, but also for the male users on Facebook you can lock down their profile if they want to. Its function is to roll-out to users in India over the next few weeks. Also Read – Facebook-to-buy, Giphy, and integration of the services provided by Instagram: Report

How to set the Lock function to work?

So, as soon as the person is it possible to change the profile of the latch, the other person will only be able to see the picture. They will not be able to increase the size of the image, or something else. Everyone will be able to gain access to more option available on their profile page. This will allow users to click on the lock profile option. Once it’s turned on, you will see a blue ” v ” badge on the front side of the profile, which means that it is locked into place. Also Read – Facebook-Zoom-rival, group, video, chat, Messenger, Rooms now available around the world

In addition to the lock down of the image, the user needs also ensures that they will not be able to post anything in public. In fact, users will not be able to see themselves tagged in photos unless they are in it to disable the lock function of the profile. And the post is in the public domain, they have to unlock their profileby NDTV Gadgets360).

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Earlier this week it was announced that Shopping platform for enterprises, to help to make a list of the products in the store. This will make it easier for companies to get their products on Facebook and Instagram. The free service will allow companies to be able to make a list of the products available on their Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Stories, or advertisements. As Mark Zuckerberg said: “this is just a start for companies who are looking to build a commerce on Facebook and other platforms.


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