Epic Games Store-a Game for Free for a Limited Time only


Epic Games Store-take a PC game and is free to all users of the storefront. More specifically, anyone who has one of the Epic Games Store account, you can download it now The Death Comes As A free of charge. No strings attached. The only requirement is that the downloads have to be completed by the morning of the 14th of May. Once, at the May 14 strike, the game will revert back to the normal price, and will be replaced with a free to play game. At the time of the publication of the Epic Games Store has not yet been revealed what the new free to play game, but it is teasing it as an “amazing game”, suggesting it’s going to be bigger and better than it usually does.

As for the game itself The Death Comes As A he made his debut back in 2017 by the new Studio, and a decent critical and consumer reception. At the time of publication, 90 percent of the Steam users who have reviewed the game positively, about 2,500 reviews. As a result, the game has a “positive” rating to the storefront.

In the game, and you can help with the Death from the perspective of God — to complete their daily tasks from the dead, and the gathering of souls. Whether it’s true or not.

“You Have To Die. Pure and simple, but the death was not the end of it,” says the official pitch of the game. “You have to be an agent of Death, a Reaper. You have the power of Death, but there are rules in this supernatural, life-after-death. The Music ends a life, but it does not control the man directly due to the Free will Clause. As for the Music, you will need to plan and carry out your murder by using the environment to your advantage. In the meantime, be wary of the Followers of the Light, who is going to try to save the people from their grim fates!”

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