Epic Games, in India and in the SEA, GM’s Quentin Staes-Polet


BGR Talk with the other character to be with someone from the world of gaming. Epic Games have recently grabbed the spotlight with the release of the next-gen Unreal Engine-5. Following that, we caught up with Quentin Staes-Polet, who has been with the India and South-East Asia, General Manager at Epic Games. Quentin talks about his tour, upcoming games, and the Unreal Engine, the 5-in India, Epic Games’ approach to the country. Also Read BGR Said: “The Games, the Head of the Publishing house, India and South-east Asia, Sukamal Pegu is talking about Riot Games’ plans for the indian market

The interaction began with Quentin to talk about the trip, The Entertainment Company Epic Games. Quentin emphasizes how he grew up in the late ’70’s and’ 80’s, and have been exposed to arcade games, and how his interests have moved to the music, and how the transition of the business and the engineering over there. He also spoke about the rise of Napster and how it changed the industry. And, then, the technological innovation caught his attention. He shared a number of lessons learned from the companies he worked for, and Quentin says that it will be very interesting to see how the world of the arts, and the social world, and technology collide with each other and come together in one exciting product. Also Read BGR Explains: “the Head of the India – Zoom Video Communications, Sameer Raje, safety, environment, responsibility, accountability, and more

The interaction on the Unreal Engine, the 5, and many of the functions of Lumens, and a Nanite that were spoken. Quentin said that the game’s artists have decided to downgrade to a “project” and art. Nanite, which helps them to contribute to the preservation of a higher quality. As for Lumens which integrates the ray-tracing technology that enhances it.

Quentin is expanded on the idea that Epic Games has been focused on the quality of the games, the number one priority. How to focus on a smaller and optimized for the device’s quality, is that it would depend on the developers. And, once again, for the new Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series, X-games, it would depend on the manufacturers involved in the operation of the engine. Raji, of Nodding Heads in the Games, and the game is being developed in India with the help of the Unreal Engine from Epic Games is that Quentin referred to.

The conversation moved on to the coin for the Epic Games store, and Quentin says that India is definitely on the radar, and it needs to happen fast. After this, the subject matter of the Fortnite popped up, and Epic Games, is looking at India very carefully and want to do it right rather than rush it. And Epic Games has certainly set its sights on India, which is one of the most important parts of the west ( … )

Fortnite has been a push from Epic Games is on the mobile device, and it is expected to move more in that segment soon. Quentin was added to the comments made by the CEO, Tim Sweeney, and has been adapted to the values of high, Epic, Games. The interview ended on a personal note, and Quentin explains how he is a rescue and free the license.


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