ENTER a player receives a ball, the ace with the AWP


Any CS:GO players you have to stop to get a shot of ace. What is the meaning of a shot is to kill all five enemies in the ranks of the enemy. But only a few have ever been able to achieve this feat, and fewer have been recorded. But it seems to be a genuine video that has surfaced which shows exactly this. As a player, has managed to kill all five enemies with a single bullet, which is, in essence, ended the round, then and there. Also Read – WATCH: CS:GO-player, throw the AWP to the team that the Moved card

This video was posted on Twitter by a user with the name of Competition. The video shows that the game will take place in the card player can choose to use the player on the Terrorist side of the game. The terrorists have to rush street, in a line, that is, if there is an opposition, the Counter-Terrorist team kill all of them with an AWP in a single shot. The AWP is one of the few guns in CS:GO, that could be the death of five of the enemy.

Check out the video below. The player who makes the kill will probably not even expect it to turn like this. However, this happy coincidence created a truly unique video.

Another incident, which turned out to be a lucky coincidence and a very nice clip, was that if a player has managed to throw up an AWP on his team-mate on the other side of the map, in the new Who map. This is an unusual way for the transfer of the weapons, and the player ends up hurting the rest of the team for him as well as himself with it. However, if some of the new tricks in CS:GO and it would end up as a novelty, because it is a very impractical and difficult to get to stay.

But for those of you who were able to make this possible, and would be happy to know that they have created something that is very difficult to recreate. These videos are not at all unusual for CS:GO. We have already seen in previous videos where the smoke is thrown from A web site on Dust 2 from 1 HP to his team mate or the enemy is a long time .


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