Eddy Alvarez, Olympic ice skating silver medalist, makes Major League Baseball debut


Eddy Alvarez and his family have harrowing stories to tell. His father, Walter, had fled out of the country. Walter moved to Miami, Florida and is married to Eddy’s mother, Mary.

We are active in several different sports growing up. However, he would not stand out in any of the two, in particular, ice-skating, and baseball. We would have struggled to concentrate on both the sport throughout the years. The physical stresses of an active life, and has led to a major knee injury that required surgery. However, having a lot of trouble, and his dreams have come true.

It Is an Olympic silver medalist

As a child, and We have won several major youth titles in speed skating.

He eventually became a world champion at the World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships. The title came in the 3,000-meter relay event.

We skated for the United States of america during the 2013-14 Short Track Speed Skating World Cup. He would have to win three medals at the competition, including a gold medal in the 5,000-meter relay in Kolomna, Russia.

We would be in the name of Team USA for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. According to CNN, he was the first male Cuban-American to make the U.S. speed-skating team. We would have to win a silver medal in the 5,000-meter relay. He has also competed in the 500-meter, 1,000-meter and 1,500-meter relay events.

After his Olympic success, We have decided to concentrate on his baseball goals.

He said that he was “95 percent sure” that he’s done with competitive skating.

His MLB debut with the Marlins

Later, in 2014, We signed a Minor-League contract with the Chicago White Sox. Soon after, he made his debut with the Rookie-level Arizona to the White Sox. A couple of weeks later, he was promoted to the position of the Class-A level.

From there, he continued his climb up the Minor League ranks in the White Sox organization. By 2019, Alvarez was traded to his hometown organization, and the Miami Marlins. He was assigned to the ‘ AAA ‘ level.

In the 2020’s MLB it was complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, more so, the season has finally started.

The Marlins became the first team to experience an outbreak after the start of the season. A number of players were unable to play, which means that the other players would have to be brought in to fill in for them. One of them would have to be Eddy Alvarez.

We were officially promoted to the Major League level, on the 2nd of August. He made his debut on the field on the 5th of August. We were able to talk to his parents, he was recalled to his parent’s house. As for the social, emotional detachment, of course. Yahoo is reporting that he was 20 feet away from them, while the rest of the outside.

Alvarez’s older brother, Nick, played for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, reaching AAA.

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