E. Maxine Bruhns, a former Nationality Rooms director, dies at 96


E. Maxine Bruhns, a former director of Pitt’s Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs, died on Friday, at 96. Bruhns has served as a board member for more than 50 years of age, and retired in January.

Bruhns, originally from the E. Maxine Moose, who was born in Grafton, West Virginia in 1924. She attended West Virginia Wesleyan College for a year, then take a left after the Pearl Harbor attack in order to work in an aircraft factory. She finished her college career in 1946, graduating with a philosophy and psychology degree from the Ohio State University.

In the same year, she married Fred Bruhns, who died in 2008, and then spent 15 years traveling the world with him. While abroad, she taught English, learned the native language, completed her master’s degree, and performing in the local theatres. The couple came to Pittsburgh in 1965, so Fred Bruhns, could be the Ph. D and it learning at Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. This is the time when Maxine Bruhns became the second-ever executive director of the state of the Room.

During her 54-year-term in office, 12 new hotel rooms were built, including Israel’s heritage, Armenian, African, heritage, Ukrainian, Austrian, and Japanese-style rooms. By the time of the Bruhns’ retirement, there have been 31 and a total of guest rooms. She wrote and told all of the English-language links, which can be viewed in all the rooms, the details of the design and its history. Bruhns also traveled to almost all of the countries that are now in the rooms, apart from Wales, Switzerland, japan, and the Philippines.

A New Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher said he is grateful for the Bruhns’ leadership and innovation in it for a couple of decades at the University.

“Maxine for more than 50 years, the control on the Nationality of the Rooms. She was a generous donor, loved one, academic leader, and well respected global ambassador for the University of Pittsburgh,” Gallagher said. “Without a doubt, We are all very grateful for her many contributions to Pitt and look forward to the celebration of her legacy for years to come.”


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