Don Mancini’s “Chucky” TV Series is Coming to the US and Syfy in 2021! [Teaser]


The (genuine) “Child’s Play” the franchise is on it’s way to the small screen in the future “Chucky“that will come out of the franchise’s creator Don Mancini and “Channel Zero” is the brain Nick Antoscaand today, we’ve learned that the series will be aired on both In the USA, and Syfy is in 2021!

While we wait for it, Mancini has to be shared, a lovely little “teaser” for today. Refer to the section below.

“Chucky” has been described as “a fresh take on the franchise”, and that you have to “explore Chucky’s character has a depth that is, in a unique way, and that is because of the tv-series format.”

After a vintage doll Chucky in a suburban yard sale, is an idyllic, small American town is thrown into chaos when a series of gruesome murders, beginning with the exposure of the city’s hypocrisies and secrets. In the meantime, with the arrival of the enemy and the allies — of-Chucky’s past and threatens to expose the truth behind the murders, as well as the demon doll unknown origin, as a seemingly ordinary child who, in one way or another, this notorious monster.”

With this TV show, our mission is to provide for the preservation of the simple, terrifying the original movie. or, for the first couple of movies,” Mancini explained in the Syfy Thread back in May. “But at the same time, to continue on with this ever-expanding tapestry of the consistent story that we’ve been spun over the course of seven films in 30 years. I think the fans are really going to love to see more of the new characters we are introducing in this area and just to see how they came out of the book’s characters. Not only Chucky, but some of the others that you may have in the hope that it will have to be seen. There is a good chance that they will be able to run.”

Jennifer Tillyon that note, has it already been confirmed that they will be back.

Mancini is also being bullied in a chat with the Syfy Thread, “I think that the prospect of the sight of Chucky sharpen his / her skills and add to his tool box, and a number of the technical goodies we have at our disposal right now, and that’s something that I think people are pretty interesting. It is important, therefore, to be Chucky’s new weapons, new strategies, new goals, new targets to be set. Chucky’s got another goal in the TV show than he ever had before, and it has been specifically designed in order to make sure that there is something going on in the spirit of the age today.”


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