Disney’s Hocus Pocus, Billy Butcherson Funko Pop Figure Is Finally Arrived at. (not included)


Disney’s Hocus Pocus has enjoyed a cult following since the film hit theaters in 1993, but things have really picked up in the last couple of years. It contains a lot of new official merchandise is for the fans, and that seems to have started with the release of the very first Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters are Funko Pops. The numbers were in the Spirit Halloween exclusive and it came exactly two years ago today. The Pop was followed by a Hocus-Pocus Sanderson Sisters-Movie Time-Pop in the Spirit of Halloween, last year. By 2020, the Billy Butcherson will finally get his due.

Indeed, in the Spirit of Halloween and Funko have teamed up to launch the ” Billy Butcherson Funko Pop as an exclusive, and we’ll give you your first look at it. In fact, you can use pre-order it here for $ 12.99 shipping is scheduled for the 16th of September. If the Hocus-Pocus fans know, Billy Butcherson was Winifred Sanderson’s ex-boyfriend, who came to a bad end, after you have to cheat on Winifred and her younger sister, Sarah. Winifred rose to him, 300 years later, on Halloween, to do it for her, but he had the help of the children of Salem to defeat the witch.

Needless to say, we’re beginning see a pattern here. Don’t be surprised if Binx, the cat, Funko Pop, launched in the Spirit of Halloween, between July 9 and July 13, 2021. You can check out Spirit Halloween and the whole Hocus-Pocus range here. In addition to the exclusive Funko Pops, there are costumes, home decor, and much more.


On a related note, Ravensburger has been in a board game that is based on Hocus Pocus, and the players have to work together in order to stop the Sanderson witches and the filling out of an evil potion that is in danger of Alice’s children. According to the description, you are able to play through all of the ingredients to the pan and match up all the colors, or ingredients. Binx will be here to lend a helping hand, as Winifred, Mary and Sarah, and casting spells to thwart your plans for the future. The use of tricks, such as the Burning Rain of Death, and Billy Butcherson in order to help you along the way.”

Pre-orders for Disney’s ‘ Hocus-Pocus: The Game live on Amazon for only $19.99. It includes 50 of Ingredient cards and a Witch’s council, of 13, Games, cards, Sun, token, 4 for trick of tokens, a rule booklet, and a black cat, Binx’s pawn.


Finally, the Hocus Pocus fans will be pleased to know that the film will be coming to 4K Ultra HD for the first time!!! Superfans should be to the head, right in front of the Best Buy’s exclusive SteelBook edition of the movie in a 4K + Digital, which features some great artwork, designed by Matt Ferguson. This is the same artist that the art work for Marvel’s second-to-last Such games of the 4K Blu-ray box set from last year. You can pre-order for the SteelBook exclusive here is the Best Buy for only $27.99. The standard Hocus-Pocus-Blu-ray-it may well be pre-ordered it at Best Buy for $ 22.99. At the time of this writing, an entry for the standard edition in Amazon but it is not active.

The shipping industry is on the Hocus-Pocus of 4K Blu-ray is scheduled for the 15th of September, so you’ll have it in time for the Holidays! Please note that all special functions are not yet published, but it is not likely to be very different from the previous versions. On that note, the 4K release 25th anniversary edition of the Blu-ray editions of Hocus-Pocus that is launched in 2018.

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