Disney+ streaming service for paying subscribers to exceed 54.5 million


In less than a month’s time, and Disney has had over 4.5 million Disney+ subscribers around the world. During the quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, the company announced that it had 54.5 million subscribers as of May 4th. In the past month, it has surpassed 50 million subscribers on the 8th of April. Also, Read Disney+ Hotstar: Swab, Culture documentary series returns to the iconic cinema, movie props; streaming now

February 14, 2020, D+, was estimated to be 28.6 million subscribers. The new figures show that Disney+ is on it’s way to the double of the base, in about three months. To recall, the company confirmed that it had acquired 26.5 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, in the month of February. Later, on the 28th of March, the base grew to 33.5 million subscribers (by Macrumors). Also, Read Disney+ Hotstar: Star Wars: The rise and Rise of the Series is coming to the video streaming service on the 4th of May

Disney’s growth has come from new market launches, such as India, the united kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, switzerland, Austria, France, germany, and Switzerland. In particular, in India, the company launched the service for everyone to work from home, stay at home. Disney+ Hotstar, for the re-branded streaming service in India, and has about 8 million subscribers, the company reported last month. Disney+ Hotstar has been officially available for the Indian customers starting from 3rd April. Also Read एयरटेल का 401 रुपये का प्लान लॉन्च, 84GB डाटा के साथ 1 साल का Disney+ Hotstar VIP सब्सक्रिप्शन फ्री

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Netflix, the leader in the segment of the market, announced that it had reached 167 million global users in January. The company said that it has surpassed 100 million subscribers in this country for the first time. It has 61 million users in the United States, but the growth is coming from international markets. Amazon reportedly has more than 100 million prime members, according to Reuters. However, the e-commerce giant is not in the official statistics. Disney+ Hotstar-songs, now that is where the next set of users in the next few months.


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