Detroit welcomes the player to the protests, which are open to the Colin Kaepernick


The Detroit Lions are one of the teams that have more depth in the middle, in the form of Colin Kaepernick. It seems that the new owners would be open to the idea of Kaepernick and give him the opportunity to use the platform for the fight against racial injustice in the United States of america.

Sheila Ford Hamp has been replaced by that of her mother as well as the Lions’ primary owner and president. According to the Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk Ford, Hamp dealt with their support for the signing of Kaepernick along with the player to the protests in the 2020 NFL season

Lions principal owner, Sheila Ford Hamp, said today that if the Lions’ coaching staff and General manager, Bob Quinn, like Kaepernick, is going to be the property of support of the decision. Hamp also said that if the players kneel down while the national anthem is played, they will be supported by the organisation, even though they have said that they personally don’t like to kneel down.

Ford, Hamp recognized, that the NFL has had his music in the direction of Kaepernick’s efforts, through the NFL Network’s Judy Battista:

“The concept is completely different. Most of the people have a real understanding of what the kneeling was all about.” She says it would support, bring in Kaepernick and coaches thought it was a good idea.

Now that he has been given permission to sign Kaepernick of the top brass, the decision will ultimately come down to the company’s general Manager, Bob Quinn, and head coach Matt Patricia.

Due to their struggles under center during the 2019 campaign, the next quarterback Matthew Stafford season ending injury, and both She and Patricia have a very good reason to look at it.

Detroit-signed quarterback Chase Daniel to a three-year deal this off-season has to be Stafford’s backup. In the meantime, the second-year quarterback David Blough is still trying to find its feet after going 0-5 as a starter during his rookie year.



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