Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can now be had for as low as $909.99


If you have had a look on the screen, and it is still in the current top-dog smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but have been put off by the price, it is likely to be the deal for you.

The phone can now be had for as low as $909.99, hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the suggested retail price. You will get a brand new unlocked phone for the price, and it even comes with dual-SIM functionality.

However, there are two considerations, apart from the fact that, of course, you need to act quickly if you are interested in, this is for a limited time. First of all, this is the dual SIM model on offer here is not meant to be for the AMERICAN market in particular. This means that you may be losing out on a 4G or 5G bands that your carrier uses, so make sure you check the compatibility on the ones that are prior to the deed.

Second of all, you have to order it on e-bay, but it was from a seller with a excellent track record and a 99.7% positive feedbacks (more than 100K reviews).



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